Uses for Calypso & Calypso Ultra polycarbonate roofing

Our corrugated and greca polycarbonate in the Calypso and Calypso Ultra range can be used in a variety of ways. Have a look below at some of our customers great ideas.

Protection for bird aviaries.

The client has used Calypso corrugated bronze to protect the side and top of the bird aviaries.

Decking or Fencing

Our client wanted some privacy along with wind protection around their deck and they used corrugated sheeting.

Some of our clients buy either the corrugated or greca profile to fix underneath the decking boards to stop water leaking onto their deck below.

Large outdoor covers

With the long 7.2m lengths the Calypso and Calypso Ultra are great for large outdoor covers such as schools, playcentres, halls, sports or community centres.

Pergolas & Sunrooms

Calypso and Calypso Ultra can be used for a gentle arched or flat roof. As long as there is a 5 degree pitch. With our full range of colours these sheets suit all homes. Whether you are wanting to let in lots of light but reduce heat or just cover an outdoor area making and extra living space.


Many of our clients want to build hothouses for growing vegetables, orchids or succulents. Whether it be just for your backyard or on a larger scale.

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