Frequently Asked Questions

Profiled Polycarbonate Roofing e.g Corrugated and Greca

The Calypso Ultra has a slightly thicker U.V. Coating on the sheet which helps it last longer in the sun. The actual thickness and colours are the same in either the Calypso or Calypso Ultra.

Corrugated sheets are 840mm wide with a 755mm cover.

Greca sheets are 810mm wide with a 760mm cover.

The sheets will be marked with a sticker and in fine print writing on the sheet to let you know which side to face up.

You can cut the sheets with a pair of tin snips, circular saw or a jigsaw.

We recommend warm soap water with a sponge. Hard brushes can scratch the sheets. It is not recommended to water blast the sheets.

We recommend fixing every second ridge of the sheet. This works out to be approximately 5 per sheet, per purlin.

Polycarbonate Twinwall Sheets

We recommend cutting the Twinwall with a straight edge and Stanley knife. A saw tends to blow swarf into the flutes.

The Twinwall is UV protected both sides so you can put it up anyway.

Yes it is important to seal the ends with our Anti-Dust Tape and Polycarbonate Capping. This prevents water from getting inside the flutes.

We recommend only spanning the Twinwall 600-650mm. This is to stop the sheet sagging in the middle which can cause the water to pool up.

Flat Acrylic and Polycarbonate Sheets

Acrylic holds its colour clarity longer so it won’t fade or go milky, whereas Polycarbonate is stronger.

They are both Acrylic sheets, Crystalite is for lengths longer than 3.0m as they go up to 6.0m. If you need sheets 3.0m or under it is more cost effective to use Astariglas.

You can join the sheets with our 2 Piece Aluminium Joiner. These are fixed to your rafters.

No, you cannot join the sheets on the fall as this wall cause it to leak.

The best way to cut the sheets is with a fine tooth blade on either a Jigsaw or Circular saw.

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