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Supreme Plastic Roofing proudly sell the vast range of Alsynite manufactured Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) roofing products under the well-respected Topglass® Brand, for industrial, commercial, horticultural, and domestic projects.

Topglass® translucent roofing has been specifically developed to combat the effect of ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollutants, without the yellowing and rapid product degradation associated with commonly available glass-reinforced roof sheeting Topglass® is a fibreglass product that is a commercial-grade GRP (glass fibre-reinforced polyester) and is used as a translucent roofing and cladding product. Through research and development, Alsynite has expanded its range of products into twin skin and tripleskin systems to address condensation issues where an insulated product is a requirement.

Alsynite sheeting is available in a wide range of products, weights, pigments, and colours. It is competitively priced and supported by warranties of up to 25 years, depending on the product selected. Topglass sheeting is manufactured to meet the AS/NZS.4256:3 manufacturing standard, and is JAS-ANZ Certified, which has legal recognition in more than 90 countries.

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Product Range

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Specifically developed to combat the effect of ultra violet rays and atmospheric pollutants without the yellowing and rapid product degradation associated with commonly available glass reinforced sheeting..

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Provides an excellent alternative to metal roofing and cladding systems in corrosive environment. Topglass GC is also available in solid colours - providing an excellent alternative to metal roof.

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With a Solar Protection Feature (SPF), Topglass GC SPF selects and singles out infra-red (heat) plus harmful UV rays, preventing heat build-up and UV damage.

Addressing industry concerns relating to natural lighting roofing posing danger to foot traffic on roofs, Topglass GC Ultra-Safe utilises heavy-duty woven reinforcing system positioned within the resin matrix to provide exceptional strength.

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Topglass 25 FR Plus
Alsynite offer a variety of grades of Fire Retardant sheeting. Designed and supplied as a fire and smoke retardant natural lighting system for use in commercial and industrial buildings. This type of resin system alters the flammability point of sheeting.

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Offers a solution to buildings where condensation could be an issue. TwinSkin Systems also offers an effective acoustical reducing solution - reducing noise levels from outside influences.

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Primarily designed as a suitable, fully insulated, natural lighting roofing product. TripleSkin Systems offer increased thermal and acoustical properties and are used in conjunction with insulated panel products.

High Wind Zone Information

A new wind zone category has been introduced in the NZS 3604:2011 Timber-Framed Buildings, and the amended E2/AS1. The Extra High Wind Zone Category allows for a wind speed of up to 55 m/s. This means more buildings come within the scope of NZS3604:2011 and E2/AS1. Source: Build Magazine, Feb/March, 2012. Author: Elide Alkink, Freelance Technical Writer. For fixing recommendations for your wind zone, please contact Supreme Plastic Roofing.

SAFETY NOTE: To comply with the requirements of AS1562.3:2006 Part 3 Plastic, translucent roofing products are classified as "Brittle Roofing" and therefore not suitable to support foot traffic. With exception of Topglass GC Ultra Safe. Safety mesh should be installed under all translucent roofing.

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