Laserlite Twinwall Applications

Laserlite Twinwall is an excellent product that can be used in lots of applications. The multi wall is a lightweight glazing panel with excellent impact resistance and offers excellent thermal and acoustical properties.

Our Laserlite Twinwall is very easy to install.  These are some of our client’s projects using Twinwall.

Guest Cabins

In this application our client has used 6mm Opal to create these fantastic Cabins for their guests to stay. The opal lets in plenty of light yet still gives the guests privacy.

Restaurant and Bar

In this application our client wanted to hide their preparation area from the main bar and restaurant area yet still let in plenty of light.  They have used our 6mm Clear Twinwall


In these applications the client wanted to let light into their conservatories, so they used 8mm grey in picture one and panels of 8mm clear Twinwall in picture two. Due to the multiwall the sheet offers great thermal properties while still letting in plenty of light.

Exterior Canopy

The Flexibility and structural integrity makes Twinwall excellent for Exterior canopies.

Outdoor Pergolas

Twinwall makes a fantastic outdoor Pergola it is lightweight and easy to install. The multiwall structure stops any condensation, so it is excellent for people that want to enclose their space with drop curtains.  The double thickness also helps hide the dust. In picture one our client has used 8mm Platinum and in picture two our client has used 8mm Bronze.

Hothouses or Tunnel Houses

Twinwall is fantastic for the use in large horticultural Hothouses or in your own backyard Hothouse.  The Thermal properties extend the growing season and the multiwall stops the plants being burnt by the direct sunlight. In both the Tunnel House and then the Greenhouse our clients have used 6mm clear Twinwall.

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